South Africa’s most beloved retailer.

Woolworths sought to update their existing mobile application in order to transform their digital offering; meeting their customers where they are and offering them so much more.

2016 - Ongoing
UX Design.
Product Roadmap.
Information Architecture.
UX Testing & Reporting.
Interface Design.
App Design.
Interaction Design.
Responsive Web Design.
Design System.
Video Concept & Treatment.
2D & 3D Animation.

Delivering the difference

Regarded as one of South Africa’s leading retailers, Woolworths is the go-to for many when it comes to premium food, fashion and lifestyle shopping. Woolies, as the store is affectionately known, has been a cornerstone of the SA retail landscape for over 85 years. The Group employs more than 46 000 people across 14 countries, and trades in more than 1 500 store locations. Woolworths wanted to service their over 15 million customers with a new store - one in everyone’s hands.

A collaborative effort

One of the most exciting aspects of this project has been the level of collaboration. The project is centred around a core team - bringing the best of 4 organisations to work in a co-location. Our team works closely with members of Woolworths, Woolworths Financial Services and wiGroup International to deliver the necessary efforts that go into bringing this application to life and continuously evolving and growing it, through continuous iteration. The opportunity allowed Woolworths to take the areas of people, process and technology, put them together and really springboard their connected retail strategy.

Out with the old, in with the new

The project involved completely relooking their app, which was largely focused on their financial service offerings. Woolworths wanted to offer their customers so much more, allowing them to enjoy everything they love about Woolworths, whenever and wherever they need it. We sought to deliver this quality of service that Woolies is synonymous with and translate this into a fully functional mobile app that offered their customers the latest in digital convenience.

Content that inspires

We created the ‘Today with Woolies’ section of the app to visually showcase the latest foodie tips, style trends and impressive recipes, as well as highlight core deals and promotions. We redesigned the existing content page from the Woolworths site and executed it in a manner that was intuitive to browsing in-app.

Shop from anywhere, 24/7

The in-app shopping solution offers customers the ability to browse and purchase the entire Woolworths product range. We created the ability for users to add products to their in-app shopping list and check them off as they shop in store, meaning they never forget an item. Or customers can add items to their cart and purchase immediately.

Rewarding loyalty

Woolies rewards loyal customers through their WRewards programme. WRewards members can enjoy instant rewards with exclusive redeemable vouchers, see their savings and track their tier status - which unlocks further benefits as you reach higher tiers.

Financial services

This section of the app focused on putting Woolies’ financial products within close reach of current and potential customers. Existing customers have the ability to easily view their account balance and available funds, account statements, view all recent transactions and request a credit limit increase. New customers have the ability to apply for a store card, credit card or personal loan directly through the app.

Refreshed web navigation

Having developed a great working relationship with Woolworths, we have partnered on a number of different projects for the Woolworths business that extends passed their app requirements. We teamed up with the Woolworths Online team to transform their eCommerce platform, specifically how users browsed and found products on the site. After extensive user testing, we introduced a filtered and faceted search and navigation system that made the browsing Woolworths extensive range of products far easier and seamless.

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