Insurance with a snap

We partnered with Pineapple to launch a mobile application for their industry disrupting business model that incorporates their unique selling proposition; a transparent, fair and social offering.

March 2018.
UX Design.
Information Architecture.
Interface Design.
Interface & Visual Design.
Interaction Design.
App Design.
Motion Design.
2D Animation.

Youthful reinvention of the game

Pineapple are an insurtech startup founded by three brilliant, young South Africans. They have set out to reinvent the way insurance is done, with a decentralised peer-to-peer model that aims to reintroduce affinity back into insurance, allowing users to connect with friends, family and trusted acquaintances to stop paying for fraudsters and bad risks in the insurance value chain. Their offering returns all unused premium back to consumers, and provides complete transparency by showing users exactly where their premiums go and how they are used.

Thinking ahead from the beginning

We wanted to develop a Style Guide for this application that would guide the development team at Pineapple with a defined set of design principles. The elements of this formed the primary means of sharing the UI designs with the development team. These components included the use of emojis to bring an element of fun to the application - not your usual stiff insurance approach. By utilising a collection of repeatable components and a set of standards guiding the use of those components, the Pineapple team has the tools in place to easily expand the product in future with ease.

Designing key screens

Once we had the early phases of the Style and Component Guide completed, we began bringing those elements through in the design of key app screens. We kept a clean, minimalist style, featuring a lot of white and pops of blue and yellow - the Pineapple brand colours. Bringing in a fun, playful element with the use of emojis.

Onboarding in style

In order to create a solid first impression of the product, we developed a series of short animations to guide users through and educate them on the key features and benefits of the application - a crucial part in driving adoption and retention.

Dashboard and insured items

With an easy to use and understand dashboard, users can view all their account information with full transparency on how their money is used. From wallet balance and wallet transactions, to number of items insured and to the number of claims, users have full view and knowledge of what is happening with their account.

Snap to insure

Insuring an item is quick and simple; where users can add an item, get a quote instantly and insure items if they choose to, all with a snap! No complex forms, no phone calls. The app uses computer vision and image recognition to determine what the item is when the user takes a photo to further speed up the process.

Quick and easy claims

Submitting a claim with Pineapple is far less time consuming than typically associated with the insurance industry, with users able to submit their claims through a simple process all within the application.

Achievement badges

We partnered with the talented team at Lucan Visuals to develop a series of badges that could be collected by Pineapple users as they unlock achievements. Each badge has three levels of achievement that would encourage users to push themselves and progress further.

Launching to good praise

The early reception has been great, with the app being commended by users in both the Google Play Store and App Store. People are loving the overall experience with most users loving the speed and ease of use.

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