Celebrating 10 Years in Mobile Tech

We partnered with wiGroup to deliver stand-out product explainers and a brand new web experience for customers.

UX Design.
Information Architecture.
Interface Design.
Responsive Website.
Dashboard Design.
Design System.
Concept & Treatment.
Script Writing.
2D & 3D Animation.
Makers Co.
Lucan Visuals.
Maria Berrios-Carter.

A company empowering the giants

wiGroup are a global tech-based company that builds and facilitates mobile commerce, loyalty and rewards software. They empower the big players like Discovery, FNB and KFC providing them with the technology to engage and transact with their customers on mobile phones.

Driven by objectives

The brief was pretty frank - showcase the wiGroup product offering through video. We needed dramatise the different use cases that the end-customer could experience, to wiGroup’s target audience. It was vital for us to come up with something considered and timeless that creatively and effectively positioned WiGroup’s product offerings within the marketplace.

Defining the treatment

It began with an immense amount of conceptualisation. We explored various execution techniques, before landing on doing strictly animation. The challenge for the videos was to create a style direction that had longevity and could be used going forward for any additional product videos. The style needed to position wiGroup as a global player and essentially become something recognizable, to customers and clients, as belonging to the brand.

Get the story on boards

Next, we started putting digital pen to paper and crafting the visual storyboards. Essentially the wireframes of the videos. These served as a key visual guide for the illustrators and animators — and more importantly, helped with getting ideas across without having to go into actual illustrations.

Style exploration

It was important that we identified a style that spoke well to the brand. Before moving forward with the illustrative executions, we explored some style tests — looking at different character styling as well as styling of the surrounding environment and its elements. We needed to consider the line, fill and texture executions and ensure that they aligned with the original brief and treatment document.

Considered illustrations

We worked to create minimalist, considered frames that could stand strong on their own as stills without any animation. We focused on ensuring the illustrations weren’t too busy and distracting — instead the simplicity would allow the viewers eye to stay focused on what we needed to showcase.

Making things move

Bringing these illustrations to life was the next step. The animation team opted for a mixture of cell and puppet animation, allowing for fluid movement and slick transitions between scenes. The graft and meticulous craft resulted in three product explainer videos, each with their own story and use cases.

New site, who dis?

Off the back of the product explainer videos, the wiGroup team were looking for a fresh approach to their existing website. Something that would serve as a portal for a number different user types. Key goals to achieve included effectively showcasing their software product offerings, having the website function as an intelligent funnel for business leads and creating a platform that would entice industry talent.

Designed for any screen size

As with any web-based product since 2007, meeting the customer in the palm of their hand was an essential part of the project. We designed a custom experience for mobile and tablet, which enabled wiGroup to push their mobile marketing efforts with full trust of the product delivering results.

A portal for clients and developers

Working with wide spectrum of giants across various industries meant we needed to focus on revamping the way in which new and existing customers engaged with wiGroup. The new portal we created provided both clients and developers with a platform to create and manage their loyalty, rewards and m-commerce campaigns.

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