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MakeReign launches the MR.Empowerment Fund - empowering youth with free higher education in UX/UI.

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Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” However, in South Africa, access to education has historically been unequal, with black students facing significant barriers to entry.

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MR. Empowerment Fund

MakeReign is launching the MR.Empowerment Fund to aid in addressing and contributing directly towards tackling the crisis in lack of education opportunities and youth unemployment in SA.

We see these challenges as an opportunity to better our society and ultimately empower the next generation. This Empowerment Fund will select at least five young students annually and pay for full bursaries to study in the field of UX/UI – students who would not normally be able to afford this higher education. 

Students will study the 12 Month User Centred Design Course at Red & Yellow. The course is designed to empower and shape students to become future digital product designers and product innovators.

Students will receive automatic placement into the MakeReign Academy

Students will then also receive automatic placement into the MakeReign Academy – a comprehensive paid internship that is designed to help the students develop their skills in various aspects of UX/UI design. It will provide them with hands-on experience, practical training, and mentorship from experienced professionals in the industry to become workplace-ready. 

Upon successful completion of the User-Centred Design Course at Red & Yellow and the Academy internship, students will then be considered for full-time employment at MakeReign. 

The aim is to create meaningful career opportunities post-studies for the students. This holistic approach ensures that the students not only receive financial assistance and access to education but also the necessary tools to be ready for the working environment.

The first set of students began their studies at Red & Yellow August last year and will join the MakeReign Academy in March 2023

The enrolled students for the first intake are, Nikita Gertze, Wokholo Qika, Kgalalelo Shoai and Moses Maluleke.  Nikita Gertze, one of the Fund’s recipients spoke about what she’s learnt so far from the experience, “[It] has been an eye-opener for me as I was able to immerse myself in the world of design. This course also made me realise the universal importance of research. Research informs the foundations of almost any project, and understanding who you are truly designing for enables you to solve the problem successfully.”  Adding on what a career in UX/UI means “...it can truly be a rewarding career if your passion lies in problem solving and improving people’s lives.” Applications for the next intake will happen later this year. Announcements on this will happen in due course.