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MakeReign® shines delivering results for clients at the 2023 Bookmarks Awards.

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Natalie de Canha Creative Group Head

Organised by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), these awards are a benchmark for excellence in digital and a celebration of the most innovative and effective work in the industry. Winning at the Bookmarks is not just an honor; it's a testament to a company's ability to set new standards in the digital world.

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The Bookmark Awards sets the benchmark for tech, digital and leading edge innovation.

This year, MakeReign’s expertise stood out brightly with an impressive tally of awards.

17 wins in 2023, including 3 golds, bringing MakeReign's total to 50 Bookmarks over four years.


Since establishing our working partnership in 2016, our relationship with SA’s most reputable retailer has now grown into an 8-person augmented design team seamlessly integrated into the Woolworths online model. We’ve worked on projects spanning all departments, from Retail to Marketing and Content, Financial Services and more.

Woolworths: Multiple Accolades

Winning Gold in Mobile Apps was a crowning achievement, reflecting our expertise in creating intuitive, user-centric mobile experiences. This award underscores our ability to blend aesthetic appeal with functional design, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Our work with Woolworths also garnered Silver in Platform Innovation, Customer Experience Design, and Craft UX, and Bronze in Craft UI. These awards across diverse categories showcase our holistic approach to digital solutions, emphasizing our commitment to excellence in every aspect of user experience and design.

BaseCamp Accomodation

With dormitories across Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden, Basecamp is transforming student accommodation in some of the most vibrant locations in Europe.

Basecamp: A Double Win

With Silver in Brand, Commercial and Retail Websites, and Bronze in both Customer Experience Design and Craft UX for our work with Basecamp, we demonstrated our skill in creating digital spaces that not only attract but also retain user interest, ensuring a seamless and engaging online journey.

Trophy Stout

Most Nigerians can’t access our stolen history. So, together with Dentsu, we turned every Trophy Stout touch point into an access point, unlocking a digital experience better than any museum and allowing users to explore fully interactive 3D models of the artefacts, read more about their history and see modern Nigerian artworks inspired by the originals.

Trophy Stout’s Remarkable Recognition

Our collaboration with Trophy Stout was a resounding success, earning Gold in both Platform Innovation and Emerging Tech: VR and AR - areas pivotal for the future of digital design. Additionally, we secured Silver in Interactive Mixed Media, Craft UI, Software, Coding & Tech, Craft UX, and Interactive Design, and Bronze in Mobile Campaign. These wins across multiple disciplines highlight our prowess in utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver immersive and impactful digital experiences.

Ocean Basket

Together with SoInteractive, Ocean Basket’s website design delivers an immersive journey for their users, through the world of Ocean Basket's delectable seafood offerings, all with an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Ocean Basket: A Notable Mention

Our work with Ocean Basket was also recognized with a Bronze in Brand, Commercial and Retail Websites, reinforcing our ability to craft distinctive online identities for brands.

These accolades from the Bookmarks 2023 are not just awards; they are affirmations of MakeReign's versatility and expertise as intentional specialists. Our ability to excel across various categories—from mobile apps and customer experience to emerging technologies like VR and AR—demonstrates our holistic approach to digital design and our commitment to pushing boundaries.

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain both humble and confident. Humble in our continual pursuit of learning and growth, and confident in our skills and expertise. These awards are not just for MakeReign but for our clients who trust us to bring their visions to life, and for our team whose relentless pursuit of excellence makes all this possible.

Our success at the 2023 Bookmarks Awards is a milestone in our journey, a journey characterized by innovation, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of creating digital experiences that are not just effective but truly transformative. At MakeReign, we are more than just a digital design agency; we are pioneers in shaping the future of digital interaction, one award-winning project at a time.