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MakeReign announces the launch of MR.Labs: Pioneering the future of digital innovation

Matt Thompson, member at MakeReign, profile photo - Man with short hair wearing a dark blue shirt with his arms crossed

Matt Thompson Chief Experience Officer

To move the local industry forward toward the future of digital product design, MakeReign proudly introduces MR.Labs, a cutting-edge initiative poised to redefine the boundaries of technology and creativity.

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The MR.Labs Initiative

At its core, MR.Labs is about discovery and innovation.

Serving as an in-house research and development hub, MR.Labs is dedicated to exploring emerging technologies.

The Mission? 

To stay ahead of the curve, constantly improving MakeReign's processes and services. In an industry that evolves at breakneck speed, MR.Labs is MakeReign's answer to staying not just relevant, but pioneering.

The Vision?

MR.Labs is not just about keeping up with industry trends; it's about setting them. This dedication to continual learning and experimentation is crucial in maintaining MakeReign's position as a leader in digital interface design.

“The short-term goals are ambitious yet attainable - to constantly learn and experiment with new applications, testing their validity for integration into MakeReign's processes and workflows.” Luke Engel, member at MakeReign, profile photo - Man with short hair with glasses  wearing a black t-shirt with his arms crossed Luke Engel HEAD OF PARTNERSHIPS

A journey of continuous improvement

The roadmap for MR.Labs will be to have a focus on small, continual goals, process documentation, and showcasing learnings. The aim is to create a cycle of picking technologies, experimenting and learning, documenting and showcasing these learnings, and then testing and validating their applicability within MakeReign.

A Bold Step Forward

MR.Labs represents more than just a new initiative within MakeReign; it embodies the spirit of innovation, learning, and excellence that MakeReign stands for. It's a clear message that MakeReign is not just participating in the digital design landscape - it's actively shaping it.

With MR.Labs, MakeReign is not just looking at what's next; it's creating it.

Stay tuned as MR.Labs embarks on this thrilling journey, and join us in celebrating this new chapter in MakeReign's story of innovation and excellence in digital product design.