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Embracing continuous growth. The essence of MakeReign's learning culture

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Natalie de Canha Creative Group Head

At MakeReign, the pursuit of knowledge and the spirit of continuous learning are not just concepts or ideals, but rather a living, breathing part of our culture. Our ethos, deeply embedded in our daily practices, revolves around growth and learning, not just as a company but as individuals contributing to a greater vision. This ethos is manifested in key ceremonies throughout the week that aim to inspire and educate. 

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The Rhythm of Learning

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The Rhythm of Learning

Every Monday morning, the MakeReign team gathers for Show & Tells, a platform where insights from both work and life are shared. It’s a time for reflection, inspiration, and learning from the diverse experiences of our team members to kick the week off together. These sessions are not only about professional development, but also focus on enriching our understanding of the world, and of each other.

Come Thursday afternoon, the Lunch & Learn sessions take a more structured approach to up-skilling and development. Each week in these sessions, a different team member takes the lead to impart new skills or delve deeply into a specialty, enriching the entire company. It's an hour of collective growth, where knowledge transcends departmental boundaries, fostering a culture of holistic learning.

These gatherings are not just meetings; they are the heartbeat of our communal learning and innovation journey. They are vibrant spaces where ideas intersect, skills are honed, and perspectives broadened.

The range of topics in these sessions mirrors the diverse talents and interests at MakeReign. From technical subjects like UX/UI design, motion, interactive web, and project management to broader themes like personal branding, healthy habits, and empathy in the workplace. These sessions cover a spectrum of knowledge. Some notable topics the team have presented include:

  • OpenAI for Designers: Merging the frontiers of AI with design creativity.
  • The Art of Building a Personal Brand: Essential in today's creator economy.
  • Crafting Healthy Habits: For personal and professional wellness.
  • Understanding ADHD: Empathy and strategies for workplace inclusivity.
  • Practicing Yoga: Merging theory and practice for mental and physical well-being.
  • Exploring Midjourney: Enhancing our design using new tools.
  • The Science of Design Systems and Autolayout: Streamlining our design processes.
  • Valuing Design in Business: Understanding its impact on the bottom line.
  • Responsive Development: Adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

We believe that continuous learning fuels innovation, teamwork, and excellence. By embracing knowledge sharing, we not only enhance individual capabilities but also enrich our collective expertise, making us more adept at understanding and solving complex client challenges.

Enriching through the voices of subject matter experts

Our learning journey extends beyond internal expertise. We've hosted sessions with external specialists, broadening our perspective and connecting us with a wider community of knowledge. These have included powerful discussions on storytelling in business and building female legacies, as shared in our reflection articles on The Power of Storytelling with Thea Sokolowski and Building Female Legacies with MakeReign and Ramiza Abdool.

The MakeReign difference.

A culture of shared growth

What sets these sessions apart at MakeReign is not just the content, but the intention behind them. It’s about creating a space where learning is reciprocal, and where each team member not only gains knowledge but also contributes to the collective wisdom. This culture of shared growth reflects our core values - teamwork, innovation, and excellence.

This framework of continuous learning is not just internal; it's a model we believe can benefit our clients. Imagine integrating a similar structure within a client's team, where continuous learning becomes part of their rhythm. This approach can unlock potential, foster innovation, and create a culture of proactive growth. [Keen to learn more? Let’s chat.